Public & Education

W G Silverton & Co Ltd have a huge amount of experience in the public sector
W G Silverton & Co Ltd have a huge amount of experience in providing building and maintenance services to schools, military housing, hospitals, government office buildings, and public transport. We offer a truly varied service for all sizes of refurbishment projects, including extension works to one off minor reactive repair works.

We have enjoyed a great ongoing relationship with our local schools and councils, and have built up a huge amount of trust, with our fully disclosure & barring service checked public sector team. Each project we undertake is assigned a contracts manager, who will be your main point of contact throughout the project. Each manager takes the successful delivery of each and every scheme personally, carrying out ongoing site visits to ensure the works go as planned.

W G Silverton & Co Ltd understand the importance of the difficulties working in an occupied building, so works are planned to avoid busy periods, or times when a peaceful environment is essential, such as meeting or exam times! We have a vast amount of experience in carrying out fire risk assessment remedial works in all sectors, and have highly knowledgeable contract managers trained in understanding passive fire protection. If our clients receive a fire risk assessment with remedial actions, we can go through the available options, and get the works completed as soon as possible.
W G Silverton & Co Ltd have vetted, fully employed staff, and offer a call out facility, as well as planned quoted maintenance work throughout the area. We pride ourselves on our dedicated service and are always conscious of the delicacy required in working on occupied premises, especially with the young. We currently work with numerous schools throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, and enjoy long standing relationships.